Performance Enhancement Professionals is a full-service training facility that provides individualized, multi-faceted programs aimed at enhancing and improving the athletic abilities of our clients.

Training at Performance Enhancement Professionals is specifically targeted towards high performing athletes.

  • The Professional Athlete
  • The Elite Amateur Athlete
  • The Business Executive

PEP exposes athletes to training techniques and advanced equipment in order to reach new levels of physical ability and strength. We have developed specific training methodologies that are unique to the industry and have immaculate results.

Our individualized programs require a mutual decision of working together to ensure high-quality results. PEP has assembled an experienced staff, most of which have trained athletes for over twenty years, and have been competitive athletes themselves.

We Offer

  • Comprehensive Athlete Evaluation
  • Speed Training
  • Strength Training
  • Power Training
  • NFL Combine Training
  • Field Agility/Quickness
  • Specialized Mobility Training
  • Optimizing Body Composition
  • Optimizing Fitness Level for Career Longevity


Speed & Strength Training

At PEP we have one objective: to have you walk out of our doors stronger, faster, more mobile, healthier and ready to dominate your sport.

Individualizing our training programs is a vital component we use at PEP for maximum results. This process starts with a thorough sports performance evaluation. Not simply some generic test that evaluates all individuals the same way with zero speed and load and ascribes some mythical number to your current physical condition. Instead, a detailed, biomechanical, functional, sport related battery of tests are used to complete the evaluation process. This includes understanding and unwinding many of the compensations that may have developed into normal movement based on previous injuries or poor movement mechanics. Your physical weaknesses and imbalances will be addressed but we are also focused on improving upon your strengths. After all, the key to maximum performance is to “be strong where you’re strong”. The other training is simply for balance and injury prevention.

Our training prioritizes strength and speed development via the precise application of a wide array of dynamic free weight, plyometric, and sprint training protocols.

This is centered around accurately manipulating schemes, densities, volumes, and intensities suited for high-performance training that occurs in all planes of movement.

This is further enhanced through the recovery process that completely integrates performance therapy, targeted nutrition, and customized macro and micronutrient supplementation.

PEP uses a true science-based and avant-garde training system that’s paired with old school hard work.

We work tirelessly to ensure we are at the forefront of training and collaborate with coaches, clinicians, and researchers from around the globe.

By improving performance and keeping them healthy, we have literally helped our athletes generate 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue by playing far beyond what they were told they could.

This is the best investment that an athlete could make in himself.

Performance Therapy

At PEP we consider Performance Therapy, a system of various techniques used to manipulate soft tissues for the purpose of warm-up, increased range of motion and the removal of mechanical limitations for optimal training & performance.

We have coined the term DIETT. Directed In-Session Elastic Tissue Therapy. Unlike soft tissue therapy which is directed toward solving a pain problem, DIETT is directed towards optimizing movement, maximizing the array of exercises that can be performed and speeding the progression to more advanced or complex exercises. For example, tight hip flexors and calves may limit your squat depth and strength potential independent of pain. Most times this goes untreated and or unrecognized due to the absence of pain. However, some specific therapies directed toward these areas during the session can immediately and markedly improve performance.

mychal therapy outside cropped

Coach Danney, based on years of experience with elite athletes, has developed a system based on observation and testing to identify potential performance inhibiting elastic tissue limitations and addresses them at the moment they are observed. This has several advantages.

First, the athlete is observed performing the actual sport skill or exercise at the time of execution. Often, even for the skilled coach or practitioner armed with the right tools we are making observations of the athlete performing a test or a staged activity or are working off the previous film. This at best just gives us a picture or a window in time.

We are very dynamic beings and for high-level performance, this is woefully insufficient. By observing and treating in real time we get the best information and opportunity to resolve problems.

Furthermore, because this is occurring during the session we get immediate observational and athlete feedback to further guide and judge the outcome of our treatment.

The value of this cannot be overstated.

Coach Danney Says:

"For example, during a training session, if I observe a movement pattern dysfunction or aberration I ask the question, Why? Then I begin to work backward to anticipate the underlying cause of the problem and treat the assumed source. If the athlete returns to the training session and improves his movement quality that’s great.

However, if he does not, this tells me one of two things. Either I was ineffective at treating the underlying problem or my diagnosis of the underlying problem was incorrect or only partially correct.

Either way, I have gained very valuable information to further guide my treatment and training protocols. Overall, DIETT is not only a performance treatment modality but also a diagnostic tool!

Moreover, what’s even more impressive is that these techniques can be carried out in warm-up and usually within the prescribed rest period without disruption of the planned work rest-ratio!

That’s a major win-win scenario."

kendall leg bent less yellow hue

Movement Optimization

During every athlete's career, there is a high probability one will sustain injuries or develop issues that affect performance.

While some injuries can result in full recovery, others can require major surgeries or result in many long term problems.

Recovery from an injury requires time and help.

Even though the body is capable of healing on its own, the level and speed of recovery can be greatly influenced by correct biomechanics, injury specific exercises, manual therapy, nutrition and supplementation (and sometimes various injections).

Without a seamless integration of these things, the athlete may never reach their full potential again, or if they do, it can take an overwhelming amount of time.

Unfortunately, this middle ground between rehab and performance training can be grossly neglected.

tuitt lunge band 2

Most athletes that come to PEP have been very neglected in their return and preparation and are not ready for high-level training. Many times an athlete has compensated with trick movements that appear authentic, but they were created to avoid pain and weakness.

To unravel these patterns, it takes a broad range of experience and tremendous skill levels that are very hard to find, especially under one roof. PEP has the resources, the experience, and skill sets needed to accomplish this goal.

In many cases, athletes are doing classic physical therapy after major injuries.

Ultimately they will need to progress to more aggressive forms of training that return them to their true pre-injury sporting form.

In many cases, they must return to better than pre-injury form since that state was partially responsible for the original injury.

It is at this point where PEP excels and as a result, we have been sought out by athletes across the globe to achieve ultimate physical conditioning after injuries.

All athletes want to return to the field as quickly as possible. When they are able to return to practice or competitions it can wrongly be assumed that they are 100%.

They may not be in pain, but they are not as strong, mobile, or as explosive as before.

They may look like they are moving well, but to the trained eye, many over compensations are occurring.

They may be able to pass a team physical, but that doesn't mean there aren't limitations in what the athlete is able to do.

At PEP, we eliminate compensations.


What most athletes need, in order to return to their sport at a level where they are indeed safe to return and able to play at a high level, is improved biomechanics, corrective exercises, strength & power training, and manual therapy.

Returning to one's sport before they're ready sets up the potentials for re-injury, new injuries, chronic pain, inflammation, and poor performance.

Train with PEP and you will be ready. Our goal is to return you when you are at your highest level of athleticism, power and speed possible after your injury.

Regeneration & Recovery

Recovery is an essential component of the overall training protocol and is a crucial aspect of optimizing sports performance. Better recovery means a higher quality of work and better results with less chance of injury.

The least discussed and most important part of recovery is an appropriate work to rest ratio. This goes for during the workout, between workouts and between cycles of workouts. Get this wrong and all the recovery and regeneration techniques will be at best minimally effective.


Another often overlooked aspect is the absolute need to be proactive in planning the recovery components of the program. If you start the week and don’t know what therapy/ recovery protocols will be used and exactly where, you have already failed! This needs to be done far before, during and after the session as well as between each session. We utilize our DIETT performance therapy to greatly impact this (see Performance Therapy).

Furthermore, at PEP you will be exposed to a multitude of soft tissue techniques such as ART, MAT, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, ELDOA, Ki-Hara, Myofascial Stretch Therapy, Chiropractic (Joint Manipulations), Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Lymphatic Drainage, Joint Pumping, Strain Counterstrain, Manual Therapy for Nervous, Visceral, and Vascular Systems, as well as Saunas, Hydrotherapy, and IV nutrient therapy.

Ice Bath

The role that nutrition and supplementation play is enormous. We utilize only the highest quality products and formulate them to maximize your individual needs. This comes from a detailed understanding of what exactly you are recovering from.

Neural fatigue, muscle breakdown, substrate depletion – the list goes on. Some workouts naturally stress one or some more than others. Yet most athletes use the exact same peri-workout supplementation regardless.

At PEP we are committed to thoughtfully integrating all aspects of recovery to optimize how you feel and perform.

Nutrition & Supplements

You are not just what you eat; you are what you do with what you eat.

Coach Danney holds a strong belief that in order to maximize the full benefits of his training programs, it is imperative that each athlete also incorporates a custom nutrition and supplement program.

Because nutrition plays a big part in your performance and is often overlooked, at PEP you will receive a detailed eating plan based on your individual goals and body analysis.

A meal plan is created based on your optimal nutrient ratios, energy intake, meal timing, and likes and dislikes.


Following a custom supplement plan is just as important as nutrition. PEP will devise a precise supplement regimen to further enhance your training and recovery efforts. All supplements are ethical and safe for testing. We utilize many proprietary formulas that will be tailored to your personalized training and work with your biological individuality.

Through his hands-on experience and knowledge of supplements as they relate to benefiting the body and training regimen of his athletes, Coach Danney felt there were products necessary to his program that were missing from the market. As a result, he developed a few of his own products that are unique to the industry. These nutritional supplements are available through his company Optimum EFX Formulations.

Ready to level up your game?