August 15-16

The Speed Development for Sports Seminar, led by Pro Athlete Trainer, Ian Danney, combines theoretical, technical, and practical elements of speed development with applied learning on the field and in the gym. Topics will address the biggest lies told about speed and provide essential information to become a better trainer and athlete. Topics include: Skill Assessment, Warm Up, Skill Development, Injury Rehabilitation, and Key Performance Measurements.

What you will learn:

Comprehensive Athlete Assessment

    • How to take an effective inventory of your athlete’s speed skill set
    • How to identify strength limitations
    • Understand technical issues vs. mechanical restrictions vs explosive capacity limitations

Explosive Power Development

    • Understand why horsepower is King for acceleration
    • How to strike the individual athlete's balance between strength training and coordination
    • How to leverage your athlete’s strengths to yield better results than working on weaknesses
    • How to identify counterproductive vs beneficial plyometrics
    • How to approach off-season vs. in-season training

Speed Development

    • How to use the FATO (Force, Angle, Time, Optimization) principle to guide programming and teaching cues
    • Fully grasp the relationship between acceleration, deceleration, reacceleration, change of direction, vertical switching, and maximum velocity
    • How to improve neurological programming
    • How to incorporate sport specific drills to reinforce technique
    • When, how, and if you should use resistance and overspeed methods

Movement Optimization

    • How to create more elastic tissues
    • Appreciate the importance of soft tissue management
    • How to find the brakes in the system and take them off
    • How to prevent and quickly rehab hamstring injuries
    • How to individualize the warm up to maximize priming and prevent injury
    • Comprehend the neurological process in improving mobility

Myth Busters

    • Speed can not be taught
    • Flexibility is the same as mobility
    • Speed ladders are great speed development tools
    • Quick feet = fast athlete


August 15 - 16, 2020


9495 E. San Salvador Dr.

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

United States



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About Ian Danney:

Ian Danney founded Performance Enhancement Professionals, in 1995, and has trained over 400 professional and elite athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, Olympics, and more. Danney implements the most advanced techniques and performance therapy paired with proper nutrition, and supplementation to improve athlete’s performance in their specific sport.