PEP has trained hundreds of professional athletes, below are NFL player testimonials along with athletes from the NHL, MLB and various Olympic disciplines.

Lavonte David
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL Draft: 2012/ Round 2/ Pick 58 Position: Outside Linebacker Career History: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2012-present)

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Ryan Shazier
Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL Draft: 2014/ Round 1/ Pick 15 Position: Inside Linebacker Career History: Pittsburgh Steelers (2014-present)

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Kendall Fuller
Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Draft: 2016/ Round 3/ Pick 84 Position: Cornerback Career History: Washington Redskins (2016-2017) Kansas City Chiefs (2018-present)

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Travis Benjamin
Los Angeles Chargers

NFL Draft: 2012/ Round 4/ Pick 100 Position: Wide Receiver Career History: Cleveland Browns (2012-2015) Los Angeles Chargers (2016-present)

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Mychal Kendricks
Cleveland Browns

NFL Draft: 2012/ Round 2/ Pick 46 Position: Linebacker Career History: Philadelphia Eagles (2012-present)

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Performance Therapy

• At PEP we consider Performance Therapy, a system of various techniques used to manipulate soft tissues for the purpose of warm-up, increased range of motion and the removal of mechanical limitations for optimal training & performance.

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Speed & Strength Training

• Our training prioritizes strength and speed development via the precise application of a wide array of dynamic free weight, plyometric, and sprint training protocols that is centered around accurately manipulating schemes, densities, volumes and intensities suited for high performance training.

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Return to Sport - Efficiency

• Our goal is to not only return you to your sport in a timely manner but to return you when you are at your highest level of athleticism, power and speed possible after your injury.

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Return to Sport

• To return from an injury requires time and help.  The body is capable of healing on its own, but the level and speed of healing can be greatly influenced by correct biomechanics, specific exercise, manual therapy, nutrition and supplementation (and various injections). There is clearly a middle ground between rehab and performance training that is grossly neglected.

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Regenerative Medicine

• We have collaborated with several doctors to offer a set of biomedical approaches geared towards the regeneration of specific tissues in order to restore tissue structure and function. This is done by the careful injection of biologically active molecules.

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Regeneration & Recovery

• At PEP you will be exposed to a multitude of soft tissue techniques from our proprietary Direct In-Season Elastic Tissue Therapy, custom IV nutrition therapy. Our regeneration techniques are done before and after the training session.

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Nutrition and Custom Made Supplements

• At PEP you will receive a detailed eating plan based on your individual goals and body analysis. A meal plan is created based on your optimal nutrient ratios, energy intake, meal timing, and likes and dislikes. Following a custom supplement plan is just as important as nutrition. PEP will devise a precise supplement regimen to further enhance your training and recovery efforts.

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