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Welcome to PEP, a truly one of a kind, state of the art wholly integrated sports performance center for the elite athlete.

Founded in 1995 by Ian Danney, PEP provides training, nutrition, therapy, regenerative and functional medicine seamlessly integrated under one roof using the most advanced techniques in the industry.

In a coaching world chock-full of internet gurus and dime-a-dozen strength coaches, Ian Danney stands out as the genuine article. For almost twenty years, athletes and coaches across the globe have sought out Ian’s expertise. Whether it be for his cutting-edge strength and conditioning programs, his truly next-level sports supplement and nutritional advice, or his world-class speed coaching, Ian has developed a reputation amongst athletes and coaches as the real deal. He’s known as the secret weapon amongst a select group of NFL stars, providing the very best in bespoke training and nutrition packages from his five- star facility in Scottsdale, Arizona

At PEP, our values and central beliefs are not driven simply by a company mission’ or `vision’. They emerge as natural consequences of the founder’s roots: Countless hours in the gym lifting real weights, more years on the track, and innumerable hours of debates and discussions with coaches, therapists and scientists from around the world. Therefore, at PEP, athlete development and ultimately human performance are not simply elements of a deliberate business strategy. They are the result of a tireless ongoing pursuit of athletic excellence.

These training, treatment and nutrition methodologies are based on fundamental principles developed from years of experience, practical application of scientific research and ongoing study of the science of physical adaptation which compromises many fields.


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Performance Therapy

• At PEP we consider Performance Therapy, a system of various techniques used to manipulate soft tissues for the purpose of warm-up, increased range of motion and the removal of mechanical limitations for optimal training & performance.

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Speed & Strength Training

• Our training prioritizes strength and speed development via the precise application of a wide array of dynamic free weight, plyometric, and sprint training protocols that is centered around accurately manipulating schemes, densities, volumes and intensities suited for high performance training.

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Return to Sport - Efficiency

• Our goal is to not only return you to your sport in a timely manner but to return you when you are at your highest level of athleticism, power and speed possible after your injury.

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Return to Sport

• To return from an injury requires time and help.  The body is capable of healing on its own, but the level and speed of healing can be greatly influenced by correct biomechanics, specific exercise, manual therapy, nutrition and supplementation (and various injections). There is clearly a middle ground between rehab and performance training that is grossly neglected.

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Regenerative Medicine

• We have collaborated with several doctors to offer a set of biomedical approaches geared towards the regeneration of specific tissues in order to restore tissue structure and function. This is done by the careful injection of biologically active molecules.

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Regeneration & Recovery

• At PEP you will be exposed to a multitude of soft tissue techniques from our proprietary Direct In-Season Elastic Tissue Therapy, custom IV nutrition therapy. Our regeneration techniques are done before and after the training session.

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Nutrition and Custom Made Supplements

• At PEP you will receive a detailed eating plan based on your individual goals and body analysis. A meal plan is created based on your optimal nutrient ratios, energy intake, meal timing, and likes and dislikes. Following a custom supplement plan is just as important as nutrition. PEP will devise a precise supplement regimen to further enhance your training and recovery efforts.

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